Future Proof Your Business with A.I

Open up your business to the endless opportunities of Artifical Intelligence & Machine Learning with our value packed interactive workshops.


    1. Training

    2. Live Demos

    3. Strategy 

    4. Automation Plans

    5. Trend Forecasting

  • Platform Training

    We will walk your team through the most useful enterprise A.I platforms until everyone is proficient in utilising these tools to train others and build client confidence.

  • Adapting to change

    The announcement of new technology can be worrisome, we will combat fear and doubt with empathy by answering your teams toughest questions.

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Our Syllabus Covers

Everything you need to know to get up to date and transformative information for your business. 

  • Artificial Intelligence across industry
  • Machine Learning Workshop Demo
  • Using A.I in Marketing and Adverts
  • The A.I Map
  • The Artificial intelligence LANDSCAPE

    Get access to our database of new and relevant A.I tools in order to stay ahead of the curve. It pays to be early and we've got you covered.


    We will also share how your business can integrate these tools into day to day work processes for the purpose of saving time and money.

Meet The Team!

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Meddy Ahmed

Founded Ornamynt Technologies in 2019, Meddy has a defined interest in cutting edge technnology, art and music and has the ability to spot trends and find innovative ways of creating value driven applications for all.

Connor cargill pfp
Connor Cargill

CTO & Artificial intelligence co-ordinator Connor has a knack for understanding and defining core solutions for machine learning. He has worked on technological advancements in this field and is ready to share that knowledge.

Affordable Pricing for Everyone

Suitable for teams of all sizes.

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    Business Workshops

    We'll deliver custom plans and source the best A.I/ML based tools to help your company excel whilst remaining calm in this hyper digital future. This workshop can be tailored for individuals and teams.
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    Executive Workshops

    In this package, we will visit your business and mesh out the best plan to utilise machine learning systems company wide. This will span over a number of meetings across 3 months.
  • Led with empathy

    We create a fun and safe learning environment.

  • Custom Integrations

    With research and proof of utility we will streamline workflows.

  • Action Plans

    A step by step strategic outline for the future of your business.

Bonus Content

OK ok, you scrolled this far which means you're a little bit of a skeptic. Here are some more reasons why this is so worth it!

  • Natural Language Processing and its Applications

    Natural Language Processing (NLP) uses AI to understand and process human language for improved automation and insights. But how?

  • Use Of Prediction Algorithms

    We'll cover how data and statistical models predict future outcomes or behaviors in your business.

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    Data Science at Scale with PySpark

    Find out how fast and flexible big data processing frameworks, and data science, enables scalable and efficient data analysis and modeling.

  • Data Visualisation with Tableau

    Create interactive and meaningful visual representations of data to gain insights and communicate findings effectively.


    A Rich Library of A.I Tools

    Unlock a collection of A.I tools and algorithms designed for machine learning tasks, including deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and more.

  • Introduction to GitHUB Repositories

    Here we'll share the basics of version control and collaboration using GitHub, a widely-used platform for hosting and managing code repositories.

  • Data Analysis with MS Excel

    Use Microsoft Excel for efficient and effective data analysis, including the use of formulas, functions, charts, and other tools.

  • GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks)

    Discover a class of deep learning algorithms that use a two-part model to generate new, previously unseen data that resembles existing data.

  • Time Series Forecasting

    Time Series Forecasting is a method of predicting future values based on historical patterns and trends in data collected over time, often used in fields such as finance, economics, and weather forecasting. And possibly your business too?


    Model Deployment & Reinforcement Learning

    Learn the process of integrating machine learning models into production systems for real-world use. Reinforcement Learning is a type of machine learning that focuses on training agents to make decisions in dynamic environments by maximizing a reward signal.

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Fun, informative and thrillng. Our team is so much more confident moving forward and making A.I a co-pilot for progressive development in the company, Thanks guys! 

Maria Jameson

COO @ Qmore Media